You are expected to understand this. CS 111 Operating Systems Principles, Fall 2005

Scribe Notes

Everyone will participate at least once in creating a set of scribe notes for a lecture. Three scribes will be assigned at the beginning of each lecture. Over the following week, they will cooperate to produce a single set of notes, and send the results to me. After revisions, the notes will be posted on the Web for everyone's reference.

File formats

Each set of scribe notes is posted as a single Web page. You should send me scribe notes in HTML format. Here are a couple of possibilities for generating good HTML. Please email me about problems with any of these tools, or if your favorite tool is not on the list!

Please don't send me Word .doc files.

You can include images in your notes, too; just attach the relevant .gif or .jpg files along with your notes.


In the past, the most successful notes have consisted mostly of text and pseudocode, with a handful of diagrams. Consider your diagrams carefully: does the picture really help? For example, this diagram would probably be just fine as text or code.

Last quarter's notes are available here. Please feel free to use them as a starting point. Of course, you should improve on those notes! And many of the lectures will change for this quarter, so the previous notes may not apply exactly. If you do use prior notes, make sure to cite them properly.